Belarus VAL - Da Vidna

Belarus: VAL and the song Da Vidna


The national final of Belarus was finalized shortly, with the VALs being the winners and the song "Da Vidna" for the May Song Contest in Rotterdam 12 May.


The 12 contestants.


  • NAPOLI "Don't Let Me Down"
  • Sasha Zakharik “Rocky Road”
  • Anastasia Malashkevich “Invisible”
  • CHAKRAS “La-ley-la”
  • Anastasia Hlamózda “Burning Again”
  • Anastasia Razvadovska “Hello”
  • Yan Yarosh "Fire"
  • Angelika Pushnova's "True Love"
  • Darya Khmelnitskaya's "On Fire"
  • AURA "Barany svaje"
  • KeySi “Chili Pepper”
  • VAL “Da vidna”





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