Oniro Mou: Aris Kalimeris (Video Interview)

    Aris Kalimeris is a person involved in music both in Greece and abroad. Music producer, lyricist, journalist and manager are few of the things that made him stand out and be loved, but also to gain the trust of artists across Europe.
    He is a graduate of the University of Law Studies, and he has marked for more than ten years the Greek and European discography with collaborations such as Inna, Marius Moga (Morandi), Mattyas, Ela Rose, Nico (Eurovision 2008), Snoop Dogg and others. In Greek music industry is known for the collaborations with Sakis Rouvas, Vegas and Christina Salti. Many of his tracks have become international successes, distinguishing the "Secret love" that entered 2010 in the charts in more than 30 countries, following many others with similar success.
    He became a member of Eurovision Family in 2009 where he participated with Moldova and the outstanding song "Hora din Moldova" of Nelly Ciobanu, a song that was loved and was due to take part in the Grand Final.
    This year's Aris unites his talent with the artistic team of Panik Record for the song “Oneiro Mou”(My Dream), which will take part in the Greek Final for the song that will represent Greece at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon .
    I want to thank Aris Kalimeris for the valuable time he has given us to make this interview a reality.

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