Israel 2019

    After 20 years, Israel won the Eurovision Song Contest with the song TOY by Netta! TOY was written by Doron Medalie and Stav Beger. Israel won the Eurovision Song Contest for the 4th time, the other victories was in 1978 with A-Ba-Ni-Bi (א-ב-ני-בי) of Izhar Cohen & the Alphabeta, one year later with the song Hallelujah (הללויה) of Gali Atari & Milk and Honey and in 1998 with the massive and historical entry of Dana International and the song Diva (דיווה).
    Like Dana, Netta brought big changes to the competition, her attitude, her personality and her point of view for life and music are the elements that made her so special in the competition. She has the will to speak about difference, acceptance and tolerance. TOY was not just "another song" but a statement.


    Netta Barzilai is born and raised in Israel. She is 25-year-old and she is the winner of the fifth season of “HaKokhav HaBathe”.  Her powerful voice, her magnetic personality, her unique sound recorder, and the way she mastered the looper, during her performances made her the victory of the Show and the representative of Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest Lisbon 2018.


    The results of the Grand Final was:


     For the first time in Eurovision's history, Cyprus gained the second place with the Queen of POP, Eleni Foureira. Cyprus best place till now was the 5th, Eleni won the impressions and reached the 2nd place with the difference of 93 points from the Netta.


The Marcel Bezençon Awards 2018



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